Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awesome - Awesome!

Missionary Training Conference - Elder Woestman is the gray suit in the middle of the circle

Serious Body Building Training 

Seeing Oregon  - Elder Woestman is in the back in the center to the right in the light gray t-shirt

This was an awesome week.  We had a sisters' training and a new missionary training conference.  So fun.  We had like a hundred missionaries that we did training with and then we have a senior couple coming in this week.  Also we were able to go on an exchange with the Jacksonville missionaries which was fun because we were able to see some of the people i used to work with - and one came to church.  The missionaries text me today and said that after one of the talks he (the investigator) stood up and screamed 'amen' hahahaha.   So awesome!

Also this week we were able to see one of our most recent convert families that i worked with last year and we had an awesome lesson on the Atonement with them.  Felt the Spirit so strong.  The Atonement is awesome.  It always blows my mind how much it covers.

One thing that we have noticed is that we have been with all these new missionaries -  they don't know how to study or even take notes.  So we are going around and meeting with all the zone leaders and doing a study with them that then they will do with all their district leaders and then the district leaders will do the training with all the missionaries (PPLs) in their district.  It was cool because the first people we did the training with were the missionaries down in Jacksonville and it went so well.  We get an hour to study and if it is done right it goes by so fast.  Blows my mind - and the Spirit just flows with ideas for the people that we work with. 

What else?  Oh check it - there is a soda shop!!!!! yupp a soda shop. And they have a bigilion amounts of cream soda selection.  I fell in love.  So I bought 6. I couldn't afford a bigillion.

We are teaching a zone conference in a couple weeks and part of it is building unity games.  Any good ideas?   I love you all.  Thanks for being awesome!
Elder Woestman