Friday, June 28, 2013

Monday - June 24 2013

This was an awesome week.  How intense was the Mission Presidents' broadcast! ipads anyone lol. (Not yet.) 

Our mission president told us we aren't aloud to get on facebook haha - but hopefully this gets all the members pumped up. 

This week was way good.  The Chinese people are awesome and are the best.  Its so fun to teach with them.  They have so much faith.  Once they know something they do it.  The hard part is that they have a lot of problems when they get home. The good thing is that the church came out with a website for Chinese members.  

We also have a baptism on Tuesday with a girl named Kaylene.  We are excited for that.  Miracles are just coming from the sky.  Love  the college. lol 

So you need to let me know how Dan does in Indy. Oh and to answer your question, I had to buy new shoes and I need to get some more pants and some shirts because everything is ripping.  My tailbone is great. 
Love ya - Elder Woestman

Monday, June 17, 2013

. . . .and he is running toward home!!

Happy fathers day dad!

So this has been a crazy couple weeks for Elder "M" and I.  We have been seeing some crazy awesome miracles happen.  We have been working way hard at trying to find new investigators, and we have been talking to a lot of Chinese  lol  It's so funny. We pretty much just talk in English because they all speak in English, but we have been practicing praying in Chinese.  It so weird because of all the tones that they make.  We were finding and this Chinese guy named Feng opened the door and let us in.  We were able to help him understand who God is, way fun because it had to be simple. lol. 

Oh, and on Monday we were playing soft ball for family home evening and I was stealing 3rd when some one threw the ball to the third base person and it hit me in the head haha but it was worth it because when it hit my head it flew the other way and I was able to go to home!!! o yeah.    

What else. . .  so with school being out a lot of kids are going home so our teaching pool is going down and we are going to have to be getting a lot more, so keep us in your prayers! 

Over all - great week. Spirit lead and way fun. I love the College Hill Ward.
Love you guys, Elder Woestman

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chinese Speaking???

What is up my family!!! You are now talking to the newest Chinese speaking missionary in Corvallis!!!!    So Sam, I need you to hook me up with Chinese stuff because I have no idea what is happening.  So I'll let you all know how this craziness has happened:  First off there are lot of people from China in Corvallis - a lot of students.  And so about a year ago we got a missionary from Hong Kong and he has been working really hard up here.  So now the Chinese people have their own group sort of.  On Saturday we got a call and were told that the Chinese missionaries would be leaving and we would be taking over their work for the summer till they get back, because most of the investigators are students and fall into our lap. lol   

Well - Elder "M" and I have our first lesson today in Chinese at 5 and have no idea how to speak Chinese - haha.  The good thing is we have a lady coming who speaks it fluently, but we are way excited.  Who knows - I might learn Chinese by the end of this.  Then Sam and I can talk code with each other. 

We also have been seeing a lot of amazing miracles happen. We have set 3 baptismal dates this past week!  And one is for this coming Saturday.  This place was prepared.  The crazy thing is that two of the three had been both going to church for over two months.  They literally just needed someone to ask them to be baptized. Elder "M" and i are pretty excited about this area.  We are getting a little nervous for the summer months because that means a lot of students go home but the good thing is that most of our investigators live in Corvallis so they won't be leaving. 

Oh-  and get this. I got an email today from Dan "H". He was the guy I tracted into in Albany and then baptized three months later.  He is getting his endowments out !!!!!!!  He just had his interview this past week with the stake pres.  I just wish I could go. Totally pumped me up.  Good to know he is still active. I love this.  It's so fun. like it blows my mind how great this is. Every once in awhile there are the times that Satan tries to pull my mind out of it and make me think that its hard but all I have to do is think about the mission and how awesome it is. Miracles happening left and right.  I am so thankful for this chance I have to serve.  And I love the fact that I was called to Oregon because I have been able to see why I have been in every area and the people I have been sent to help. LOVE IT.

Love Elder Ben Woestman