Friday, June 28, 2013

Monday - June 24 2013

This was an awesome week.  How intense was the Mission Presidents' broadcast! ipads anyone lol. (Not yet.) 

Our mission president told us we aren't aloud to get on facebook haha - but hopefully this gets all the members pumped up. 

This week was way good.  The Chinese people are awesome and are the best.  Its so fun to teach with them.  They have so much faith.  Once they know something they do it.  The hard part is that they have a lot of problems when they get home. The good thing is that the church came out with a website for Chinese members.  

We also have a baptism on Tuesday with a girl named Kaylene.  We are excited for that.  Miracles are just coming from the sky.  Love  the college. lol 

So you need to let me know how Dan does in Indy. Oh and to answer your question, I had to buy new shoes and I need to get some more pants and some shirts because everything is ripping.  My tailbone is great. 
Love ya - Elder Woestman