Monday, December 16, 2013

Last days as an AP

Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Pres and Sister Young

Transfers are today and we are going crazy.  So I might be getting transferred, I might not.  It depends if a missionary comes out or not tomorrow haha.  No really, it looks like I will be training in Brookings, which is on the coast. I'm way excited. It's a way pretty place and I get to ride a bike again so I'm pumped to be able to do that to. I miss the bike.

This week was pretty good.  We finished up zone conferences and then worked on transfers the whole week.  It will be a bummer to leave the 3rd Ward.  That ward is like home. 
We had a way cool experience happen the other day.  We were able to give a lady a blessing this week, and afterwards she told us that she knew it was from God because there were things said in the blessing that only He would know.  It was pretty humbling for me.  Taught me a lot about just listening to the Spirit.

Hope you all are having a bomb week,
Love Elder Woestman. 
Oh, and PS: if all of you could bear your testimonies on my Facebook wall that would be awesome!
Oh - mom - skype.  What time works for you on Christmas to do that whole family thing?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

High Expectations!!

What is up my family?  This was another bomb week with Elder "H".  We have been doing Zone Conferences all over and have been setting up Facebook accounts and what not with missionaries.  It's cool to see the miracles that happen every day from Facebook. Who would have ever thought that Facebook would be a miracle - but it is. Some of the things we have been working with the missionaries is to have High Expectations. So Elder "H" and I got on top of ladders and taught everyone on top of ladders at the zone conferences. Haha - it was pretty sweet. The cool thing is that we are learning so much from President Young and his councilors.  It's been way fun. Soaking in as much info as possible and writing it down. 

One of the cool miracles that happened this week is that we had another good lesson with Race. That guy is way prepared - blows my mind how in tune he is.  He just gets it. I love it.  We were able to have the lesson at Brother "J"s house which is always a plus. Love you all. Hope your having a great week!
Love Elder Woestman

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Whats up family!  Sorry last weeks letter was only a line.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and ate a bunch of turkey.  I was at a tight families home, they had some of the best pumpkin pie I have ever had - like literally amazing.  And normally I'm not one that jumps for joy with pumpkin pie. 

So, I have started to use Facebook in my mission. It's intense to say the least.  So many miracles can and have been happening with it.  Elder "H" and I are going around the mission this week to help missionaries with their Facebook and to get everything situated.  It makes sense that we could use it. I need everyone to make sure they friend me. 

Oh - cool story. WE were knocking on doors this past Friday and we ran into this guy named Johua, he is like 30 and going to school to be a teacher.  So he lets us in and feeds us pie with whip cream.  Way good - I am getting a lot of pie this week :), and he had a guitar.  So Elder "H" played him a song he had written about Christ.  Well the guy loved it.  Turns out he has a bunch of recording stuff.  So today for part of p-day we went over to his place to record.  And check it, one of his mics was from Taylor Swift's recording studio.  How cool is that.  He kept it in a nice wooden box. hahah.  People are awesome.  The cool thing is that while we were getting ready to record we were able to talk to Josh's friend about what we believe.  And they had a lot of good questions and took a Book of Mormon.  But what I liked about the whole thing and what hit me hard was, here is a guy who after 2 minutes invites us in, gives us pie. then has us come back to record a song - all out of kindness.  I love people.  I love how real people really are and how most people in the world are nice and genuine.  They want to help others and they want to have a good time. Good times.  People are awesome. 

Love you and I really appreciate all of you.  Thanksgiving really helps one think of what they are grateful for so thanks mom and dad for being awesome and always putting up with me and always showing me love - even though i am dumb a lot haha.  And thanks sibs for being there and always having my back when I have questions and for always helping me have a good time when we are together.  Thanks family for being close, even though we hardly ever see each other ( which could change by the way if we do what bob said once and buy a big farm and we all section it off - haha) but once every 2 years.  I feel like we have a way close family that is close spiritually as well as emotionally, which helps me out here and helps me to know how to eventually raise a family.  You guys are the bomb dot com and I am grateful. 

Love Elder Woestman