Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's Up?

SWEET. Great to hear that Anna and Samuel are moving to Michigan.  Everyone is slowly moving back.  That's whats up! 

So this week was a way good week.  I will still be staying in Eugene so thats good.  The ward here is amazing and we have been working really hard and we are finally geting people to church.  We had a way cool miracle happen this week.  Actually alot.  One was that on Thursday we went finding and the one guy we talked to opened the door, said that he was busy but that his wife just died a month ago and he wanted us to come back the next day. So we came back the next evening and had an amazing lesson that was just Spirit filled.  Elder "D" came out and testified which was way cool because he doesn't talk too much and he came out and the Spirit filled the room.  This just built my testimony that when you pray about a spot to go the Lord will put you in the area He needs you to be to help His children. 

Also this week we had the primary program which we all know is the best thing ever.  We were expecting some oof our people to come but when the opening song was starting none of our investigators had come.  We sat down and then for some reason I looked at the phone,  It had been on silent and it was one of our investigators calling. He was out side and didn't think he was allowed in,  He even brought his family.  So that was a way cool miracle. He is arabic and couldn't really understand what was hapening but it was still pretty good.  

Over all - pretty good week. I am way pumped to hear that Anna and Sam are moving to Michigan.  They need to get a house on the lake :) Happy Halloween.  We are allowed to pass out candy so I am pumped lol

Love, Elder Woestman

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wickedly Cool

So this week was awesome,  We had some wicked cool miracles happen this week.  One is that even though it has stunk biking hills (lol), all the members are seeing us and they are making positive comments about seeing us work, which always is good with building member trust.  I have been liking the bikes. 

Also this week on Saturday night we ran into this kid named Adan. Yes, that is Adan with a n.  He is 17 and is from South America.  He is here going to the University of Oregon and speaks awesome English   Because he isn't 18 and speaks great English, we get him and the Young Single Adult or Spanish branch doesn't lol.  FInding him was a cool thing because we were unlocking our bikes at like 830 at night and he walks by and the grocery bags he is carrying tears in half.  So we helped him carry his stuff to his place and then we asked him if he would want to come to church and he said yes!!!! and he did!!!!!  We were able to pick him up and all the members just took him in.  It was way sweet. 

Also we meet a guy on the street who is from Kent Ohio and was being taught by the missionaries there so we were able to get his information and we get to go over there on Tuesday -  miracles!!!  I love it. Life has been good.  Transfer calls are this weekend so I am hoping that I get to stay.  There is a lot of stuff happening now so it would be a bummer to leave right now. 

Today I am making my own CTR (Choose the RIght) ring at a members home.  How awesome is that?  After today i will know how to make my own rings. and we took a tour of Autzon Stadium which was way sick.  

Love this place, love you all
-Elder Woestman

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So this week was crazy wicked awesome.  We had a lot of cool miracles happen.  The high light of the week was that we found a lady named Maria two weeks ago and she let us teach her the "stop smoking" lesson. Then she called us on day four and told us that she failed- and she told us that she wanted to gain more faith.  How cool is that.  So we were able to teach her the Restoration lesson this week and she said she would read the Book of Mormon. 

This area has been pretty tough because its really hard to keep people but the Lord always puts miracles into our path so that's awesome. I am going to keep this way short because elder "D"  hasn't had anyone write him and so he is just sitting here feeling like poo.  If the whole family could write him regularly that would be amazing - hint hint..  Same address as me - which is at the top of this blog.  Mom I was wondering if you could write him a letter once a week too. But he is a democrat so no Romney stuff hahahahaha. thanks guys. i love you all and life is a party :)

Love Elder Woestman

This Is Eugene:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RATS!! What a week.

So this week was so weird.  Pretty much the week went to dumps haha.  Nothing went through.  We had a bunch of plans and nothing worked out.  Everyone canceled or just wasn't home or didn't show up. and then to top it off Dominique dropped us.  We went to his house and there was a note on his door that said to never come back and to not call him.  We had given him a blessing a couple weeks ago and ever since then he said that his life has gone to the toilet.  His car was stolen and everything was just going crazy, so of course he says its because of us. That really hit me hard because he was supposed to be baptized this Saturday.  Satan works hard on people and it's way sad to see when he beats them . It just means that we need to work even harder. We aren't going to let him go.  We are going to have some members he likes talk to him.  He didn't say they couldn't stop by. hehe. 

Oh - and then we got our car taken from us hahaha.  Some senior couple needed one so they took ours.  So we are officially "full bike" in the hilliest place ever (hahaha) which is OK  I don't mind it. Riding bikes is actually way nice - I can see why bob likes it.  There is this cool bike shop right by our house and it's like a car auto place for bikes.  It's pretty legit.  

Also this week we were walking back to our apartment one night and ran into this girl named Alicia.  She is a pro yo-yoer - haha - and was showing us some awesome tricks,  She was way cool. And we are going to give her a chapel tour on Tuesday -  pro yo-yoer who knew those really existed.  ha. 

Also we had found these less-active member college students a week ago and they said that we could come back for dinner this past Wednesday.  They hadn't been active for like 5 years and when we went to their place, which is where everyone at the University of Oregon goes to hang out (haha) - like they are the party house - we were able to have like a big lesson with like 6 non members. And everyone was just listening.  Man I wish I could be in the Young Single Adult Ward hahaha.  It was fun to see how they all are willing to listen and now they all know that we aren't weird and they want to know more.  I love being a missionary.  It's so fun and the coolest things happen to us.  People might say random things happen to us but its random things guided by the spirit.  I love it.   

Fun story of the day is that i woke up on Sunday and found a dead rat in my toilet!  How nasty is that.  So I want to move.  I do not want rats on me.  I called the office, they are going to figure something out.  I will send a pic of it :) hahah 

Love you all,

Elder Ben Woestman

Monday, October 1, 2012

This Is The Way I Live

Another day in paradise - haha.  This place is crazy.  So - I will start with a cool story   Elder "D" and I were talking to a guy at the bus stop.   The guy is like an old school hippie guy, and he was way nice.  Then in the middle of our conversation this other guy walks up, sits down, and tells us that we need to do something better with our lives.  Before we could say anything, this hippie dude starts getting on the other guy for 1) interrupting our conversation, 2) he said we were good young men, and 3) that all we are doing is trying to help people. haha  I was standing there like "Go Hippie Guy!"  Made me happy to see someone not of our faith stand up for us.  The one guy had no ideas what to say, and he felt totally awkward.  That is what he gets, but we still told him we hoped he would have a great day.

So we had a couple awesome miracles happen this week.  The first one is that the power of teaching the restoration payed off again.  We prayed about a family to teach the "restoration" to.  Then when we taught the family, we promised them that by the end of the lesson the name of someone would pop into their mind, who they should have be taught by the missionaries in their home.  The cool thing is that they all had the same person come to mind.  How cool is that!  So they invited her to church and she came!  She is 16 and her ex-stepfather, who she is really close with, is a member of the church in California.  So that is way cool.  Then we knocked into a part member less active family that said we could come back today.  They are feeding us dinner and want us to share a message.  Love it!

Also we found this kid and his dad.  The kid is 16, named Carson.  When we went back to their place, just Carson was there, so we taught him in his garage.  He ended up saying a closing kneeling prayer  - so cool.  He is an amazing kid.  He is trying to find a new set of kids to hang out with and he wants to change his life around.  Eugene is just crazy awesome.  The funny thing is that Pres. Gordon B Hinckley said that this place is the modern-day Sodom - haha - and it is.  So many people here don't believe in God - it is sad, but that is why we are here.  Watch out Eugene!  Elders Woestman and "D" are in town.

Love you guys,  Elder Woestman