Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So this week was crazy wicked awesome.  We had a lot of cool miracles happen.  The high light of the week was that we found a lady named Maria two weeks ago and she let us teach her the "stop smoking" lesson. Then she called us on day four and told us that she failed- and she told us that she wanted to gain more faith.  How cool is that.  So we were able to teach her the Restoration lesson this week and she said she would read the Book of Mormon. 

This area has been pretty tough because its really hard to keep people but the Lord always puts miracles into our path so that's awesome. I am going to keep this way short because elder "D"  hasn't had anyone write him and so he is just sitting here feeling like poo.  If the whole family could write him regularly that would be amazing - hint hint..  Same address as me - which is at the top of this blog.  Mom I was wondering if you could write him a letter once a week too. But he is a democrat so no Romney stuff hahahahaha. thanks guys. i love you all and life is a party :)

Love Elder Woestman