Monday, October 1, 2012

This Is The Way I Live

Another day in paradise - haha.  This place is crazy.  So - I will start with a cool story   Elder "D" and I were talking to a guy at the bus stop.   The guy is like an old school hippie guy, and he was way nice.  Then in the middle of our conversation this other guy walks up, sits down, and tells us that we need to do something better with our lives.  Before we could say anything, this hippie dude starts getting on the other guy for 1) interrupting our conversation, 2) he said we were good young men, and 3) that all we are doing is trying to help people. haha  I was standing there like "Go Hippie Guy!"  Made me happy to see someone not of our faith stand up for us.  The one guy had no ideas what to say, and he felt totally awkward.  That is what he gets, but we still told him we hoped he would have a great day.

So we had a couple awesome miracles happen this week.  The first one is that the power of teaching the restoration payed off again.  We prayed about a family to teach the "restoration" to.  Then when we taught the family, we promised them that by the end of the lesson the name of someone would pop into their mind, who they should have be taught by the missionaries in their home.  The cool thing is that they all had the same person come to mind.  How cool is that!  So they invited her to church and she came!  She is 16 and her ex-stepfather, who she is really close with, is a member of the church in California.  So that is way cool.  Then we knocked into a part member less active family that said we could come back today.  They are feeding us dinner and want us to share a message.  Love it!

Also we found this kid and his dad.  The kid is 16, named Carson.  When we went back to their place, just Carson was there, so we taught him in his garage.  He ended up saying a closing kneeling prayer  - so cool.  He is an amazing kid.  He is trying to find a new set of kids to hang out with and he wants to change his life around.  Eugene is just crazy awesome.  The funny thing is that Pres. Gordon B Hinckley said that this place is the modern-day Sodom - haha - and it is.  So many people here don't believe in God - it is sad, but that is why we are here.  Watch out Eugene!  Elders Woestman and "D" are in town.

Love you guys,  Elder Woestman