Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RATS!! What a week.

So this week was so weird.  Pretty much the week went to dumps haha.  Nothing went through.  We had a bunch of plans and nothing worked out.  Everyone canceled or just wasn't home or didn't show up. and then to top it off Dominique dropped us.  We went to his house and there was a note on his door that said to never come back and to not call him.  We had given him a blessing a couple weeks ago and ever since then he said that his life has gone to the toilet.  His car was stolen and everything was just going crazy, so of course he says its because of us. That really hit me hard because he was supposed to be baptized this Saturday.  Satan works hard on people and it's way sad to see when he beats them . It just means that we need to work even harder. We aren't going to let him go.  We are going to have some members he likes talk to him.  He didn't say they couldn't stop by. hehe. 

Oh - and then we got our car taken from us hahaha.  Some senior couple needed one so they took ours.  So we are officially "full bike" in the hilliest place ever (hahaha) which is OK  I don't mind it. Riding bikes is actually way nice - I can see why bob likes it.  There is this cool bike shop right by our house and it's like a car auto place for bikes.  It's pretty legit.  

Also this week we were walking back to our apartment one night and ran into this girl named Alicia.  She is a pro yo-yoer - haha - and was showing us some awesome tricks,  She was way cool. And we are going to give her a chapel tour on Tuesday -  pro yo-yoer who knew those really existed.  ha. 

Also we had found these less-active member college students a week ago and they said that we could come back for dinner this past Wednesday.  They hadn't been active for like 5 years and when we went to their place, which is where everyone at the University of Oregon goes to hang out (haha) - like they are the party house - we were able to have like a big lesson with like 6 non members. And everyone was just listening.  Man I wish I could be in the Young Single Adult Ward hahaha.  It was fun to see how they all are willing to listen and now they all know that we aren't weird and they want to know more.  I love being a missionary.  It's so fun and the coolest things happen to us.  People might say random things happen to us but its random things guided by the spirit.  I love it.   

Fun story of the day is that i woke up on Sunday and found a dead rat in my toilet!  How nasty is that.  So I want to move.  I do not want rats on me.  I called the office, they are going to figure something out.  I will send a pic of it :) hahah 

Love you all,

Elder Ben Woestman