Friday, September 27, 2013

Sorry . . . . so late.

What is up my family.   Sorry I am emailing you all so late.  It has been a crazy week of transfers- and this is the only time Elder "J" and I have to email anyone.  I have a feeling you won't get a lot of emails on Mondays from me, but on random days of the week.
So this past week we were able to help President Young with transfers.  Talk about one of the coolest things ever!  It is crazy just to see how it all works, and how the Spirit guides it.  President Young started it off on Monday by doing scripture study on the importance of the strong building up the weak, focusing on the strong in the Spirit -  not always meaning the people who are the most out going, but the ones who understand and follow the promptings of the spirit.  So he taught us the importance of putting the strong with the weak, to make the weak strong.  Then this week just watching him and counseling with him about transfers has been super spiritual.  Like at one point we left during the day to go teach some lessons, and when we left you could feel 'uneasiness/ not rightesh' feelings in the air.  When we came back to his office Pres Young had made some changes and the Spirit of peace and calmness was in the air.  This whole thing is teaching me  the importance of feeling and listening to every prompting.  So over all, a great week of learning to understand the Spirit with more clarity.
I will send a bigger/ more detailed letter next week.  Thanks for being an awesome family!
Love Elder Woestman

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elder Woestman, Sister and President Young, and Elder "J"

Hey my family; how is life?  So this week was crazy busy.  We were gone for 5 days driving around Oregon doing Zone Conferences - which was pretty fun because after the conference we were able to go on exchanges and do missionary work all over.  It's always way fun to be able to be with random missionaries and teach with them.  One of the things we focused on during the Zone Conferences was how to plan.  A lot of our missionaries are new and so we are helping them learn how to plan effectively.  I never really realized before my mission how important it is to plan (haha) and to set goals and make your plans reach those goals.  It is a skill that is totally useful in life.  The Zone Conferences were fun.  During the conferences we did what we call "OEM [Oregon Eugene Mission] Idol" where the districts preformed Primary song skits on the stage.  That is always fun to watch.  

One of the cool miracles that happened this week was that we were able to teach a lady named Sandy that I had been teaching before and we had the lesson in the chapel again like we did last week.  The difference is that we had set up the Sacrament table and had the lesson right in front of it.  The bishop and his wife came, who are converts of like 15 years which was awesome.  They bore powerful testimony on how the gospel helped them and how to understand the Spirit.  It was an awesome lesson.  We invited her to be baptized.  She said she didn't feel ready but she could feel the Spirit.  So we explained that in as she follows the Spirit she will know this is true and want to be baptized, and she agreed.  This lady is so awesome.  She recognizes the Spirit so well - and having the bishop and his wife there was perfect. 

I love being back in the Eugene 3rd ward.  It's so awesome.
Hope you all are having an awesome week.
Love Elder Woestman

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So this past week has been crazy fun.  We had one of the best lessons I have had with Phil. He brings my dad up ever week - hahaha - it's so funny.  He was like "I have never been so intimidated and so loved at the same time by a man I have never meet before."  So he wants to email you dad so I am going to give him your email.  We watched the talk by Elder Holland that talks about his testimony of the Book of Mormon. Holy Cow - was it awesome. Totally brought the Spirit right in and Phil's girl friend was there and they are going to being coming to church. Which is really big for Phil. 

We also had a great lesson in the chapel of our church this week.  It always amazes me how much the Spirit resides in the chapel. Those are the best lessons. They help "ppl" more than anything else.  Oh and so the sisters serving the ward I'm in had a baptism this week of a family. The grandma was in a wheel chair and can't stand so I got to help her son baptize her. So amazing. The Spirit was so strong, because after they shut the curtains it took a minute for the grandma to get up the steps of the font and the love that was coming from those two was tangible.  It was a great experience to be in the water with them and just feel and see that love. 

This week we are going around the mission doing zone conference.  So I'm excited.  Get to be in the car with the YOUNGS for a long time.  So it will be fun to see how they work.

Love you all. Have a great week.
Elder Woestman

Monday, September 2, 2013

Miracles Flowing

What is up my family.  This was a great week.  The coolest miracles have happened this week.  First was that we were able to teach someone the "stop smoking" lesson on Tuesday, which is my favorite lesson.   AND he is still going strong. 

Then on Wednesday and Thursday we had a seniors conference.  So mom and dad - when you go on a mission I have some stuff for you! 

Then on friday we were driving and had 20 minutes before we had to leave for an exchange, and we felt prompted to go visit a lady that I had worked with a year ago, (actually dad you meet her in the grocery store when you were here) and when we went over there she was way surprised and said she had been struggling and praying the lasy couple days.  She ended up coming to church yesterday and loved it.  It was cool because the Ward went up to her and welcomed her.  It always feels good when the Ward notices a new person and says hi to them.  Miracles flowing. 

We also went on exchanges on the coast this week which is always fun.!  Over all a great week, and we have a good week coming up.
Love ya, Elder Woestman