Friday, September 27, 2013

Sorry . . . . so late.

What is up my family.   Sorry I am emailing you all so late.  It has been a crazy week of transfers- and this is the only time Elder "J" and I have to email anyone.  I have a feeling you won't get a lot of emails on Mondays from me, but on random days of the week.
So this past week we were able to help President Young with transfers.  Talk about one of the coolest things ever!  It is crazy just to see how it all works, and how the Spirit guides it.  President Young started it off on Monday by doing scripture study on the importance of the strong building up the weak, focusing on the strong in the Spirit -  not always meaning the people who are the most out going, but the ones who understand and follow the promptings of the spirit.  So he taught us the importance of putting the strong with the weak, to make the weak strong.  Then this week just watching him and counseling with him about transfers has been super spiritual.  Like at one point we left during the day to go teach some lessons, and when we left you could feel 'uneasiness/ not rightesh' feelings in the air.  When we came back to his office Pres Young had made some changes and the Spirit of peace and calmness was in the air.  This whole thing is teaching me  the importance of feeling and listening to every prompting.  So over all, a great week of learning to understand the Spirit with more clarity.
I will send a bigger/ more detailed letter next week.  Thanks for being an awesome family!
Love Elder Woestman