Monday, September 2, 2013

Miracles Flowing

What is up my family.  This was a great week.  The coolest miracles have happened this week.  First was that we were able to teach someone the "stop smoking" lesson on Tuesday, which is my favorite lesson.   AND he is still going strong. 

Then on Wednesday and Thursday we had a seniors conference.  So mom and dad - when you go on a mission I have some stuff for you! 

Then on friday we were driving and had 20 minutes before we had to leave for an exchange, and we felt prompted to go visit a lady that I had worked with a year ago, (actually dad you meet her in the grocery store when you were here) and when we went over there she was way surprised and said she had been struggling and praying the lasy couple days.  She ended up coming to church yesterday and loved it.  It was cool because the Ward went up to her and welcomed her.  It always feels good when the Ward notices a new person and says hi to them.  Miracles flowing. 

We also went on exchanges on the coast this week which is always fun.!  Over all a great week, and we have a good week coming up.
Love ya, Elder Woestman