Monday, December 17, 2012

Final Pictures from Eugene Oregon


So this week was pretty flippn' awesome.  It was really hard to leave Eugene but Medford is awesome.  My new comp is pretty awesome too!  He is from California and his name is Elder "H", but if you have been writing Elder "D", could you still do that?  That would be good.   Just think of Elder "D" as a new adopted son :). 

Elder "H" and I are having some fun.  It's nice to be with a missionary that has been out longer than me and that I can learn from.  Kind of answered my prayers and helped me figure out how to be a better missionary.  The ward I am in now is way good.  The best missionary run ward I have ever been in.  Granted - I have only served in two other wards but this one is good.  The ward missionaries actually teach the recent converts and they give them callings.  They also take care of us and help us with lessons. I love it.  Oh - and I drive a MINI VAN!  How cool is that. Her name is Lola  [Ben always names his cars - haha]  and she is a stow n go.  We have to drive people every where, so we get it.  Pretty much awesome! 

Also this week we were able to set a baptismal date with a 17 year old kid named Sergio.  His mom is a member but she is only some what active.  We meet with him and taught the "Restoration" lesson and the spirit was so strong -  the power of the spirit.  

Also we have been focusing a lot on using the Book of Mormon and showing members how it is a tool that they can use to help their friends know that the church is true.  So the other night we were able to share that with a family and they started making a game plan on how they can share the Book of Mormon with their friends.  Pretty much a great fantastic week. 

I am thinking the mission office will let me call sometime and let you know when we will call on Christmas  That's what they let us do on Mothers day.  Not totally sure, but I will let you know.  Hope all is well. Love you all. Thanks for being awesome.
Elder Woestman

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Medford, Oregon

What is up my family.  So apparently you all knew before i did that i was going to be a zone leader.  Not going to lie - I am really nervous but the companion I will be with I have been told is AWESOME,  And the temple in Medford is in my area. How cool is that.  I hopefully will be able to go. 

This past week has been crazy.  We found out that Elder "D" and I are both being transferred and another set of missionaries will be covering our ward and another ward.  The cool thing is one of them is Elder "H" my past companion in Albany, so that's pretty cool. 

We had an amazing miracle happen on Thursday.  We went over to a sister's home to have a lesson with her inactive daughter.  So that morning in companion study we felt prompted to teach about how we are the spirit children of our Heavenly Father and because of that we have the the making of greatness.  So when we got to their house the daughter didn't want to meet with us.  And the member who was supposed to come so we could go in didn't show up.  So we thought that the lesson was going to be a bust.  We went to their house not knowing if we were going to share a message with the daughter or not. Figuring we could always just talked to the mom on the porch.  Turns out that's what needed to happen. The mother told us that she just got back from the hospital and found out she had cancer and didn't know what to do.  We were able to share with her our lesson and able to share with her that she has the ability as a spirit daughter of our Heavenly Father to be able to figure this out with Him.  It was way spiritual and way cool to see that we actually were listening to the spirit that morning lol. 

Well I have to jump on a bus to Medford so I'll talk to you all next week. Love you all
Elder Woestman

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Zone Leader in Central Point Oregon

A note from Ben's Mission President:  Your son was called as a zone leader. He will be transferred on Monday and this is his new companion. He will be serving in Central Point. We love him and you. He is great! Merry Christmas! President and Sister Young

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Spirit

This week went very well.  Pretty much a spirit week.  The coolest experience happened to me on Monday.  We went to go see a potential investigator and she wasn't home.  But her 19 year son was home.  He let us in.  He told us he didn't believe in God but was open.  We taught him about a loving Heavenly Father and then promised him that if he prayed he would receive and answer.  So we knelt and he started to pray.  He got half way through the prayer and then he just went silent   We didn't move for like 5 min.  The spirit just filled the room.  It was like a spiritual bomb exploded.  After the 5 min he moved and said that was the warmest he has ever felt in his life. SO COOL. These things just build my testimony. It blows my mind every time something like that happens. I love it. Pumps me up. 

We also had a chapel tour and we had two members who are converts come and help us. The investigator who came wanted to just sit in the chapel because she felt the spirit so strong. The spirit.  . . with out it nothing is possible. 

This week was great. 
Love you all, hope all is well. 

-Elder Woestman