Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Spirit

This week went very well.  Pretty much a spirit week.  The coolest experience happened to me on Monday.  We went to go see a potential investigator and she wasn't home.  But her 19 year son was home.  He let us in.  He told us he didn't believe in God but was open.  We taught him about a loving Heavenly Father and then promised him that if he prayed he would receive and answer.  So we knelt and he started to pray.  He got half way through the prayer and then he just went silent   We didn't move for like 5 min.  The spirit just filled the room.  It was like a spiritual bomb exploded.  After the 5 min he moved and said that was the warmest he has ever felt in his life. SO COOL. These things just build my testimony. It blows my mind every time something like that happens. I love it. Pumps me up. 

We also had a chapel tour and we had two members who are converts come and help us. The investigator who came wanted to just sit in the chapel because she felt the spirit so strong. The spirit.  . . with out it nothing is possible. 

This week was great. 
Love you all, hope all is well. 

-Elder Woestman