Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whats up my family!
So the Elder Foster's visit went well.  After last Tuesday he came up to Elder "H" and I and told us that we had made everything go smoothly for him and he appreciated it.  Which was way nice because that weekend we pretty much were running all over the place trying to make everything perfect. 

Then we had a way awesome lesson with Donna. Our Elders Quorum pres and his wife invited Donna and her kids over and they made "Skyline Chili"!!!!!  How awesome is that. We had a lesson about the Book of Mormon and focused on the Book of Mormon.  Its funny how everything goes to that. Testimonies need to be built upon that because once we have a testimony of that then everything else just falls in line. 

We also had a great lesson with the "A".  He called us and wants us to teach his son so he can be ready when he turns 8 to be baptized.  It's cool because I worked with them last year and now they want to come back to church and get there son ready.  We were able to make a game plan with them and we talked about prayer.  Joshua, the son, agreed to say prayers every night with his dad, which will be good for the both of them.

Then we went down to Klamath Falls and the coolest miracle happened.  We were able to teach this lady - she is a single mom trying to figure out how to raise her 5 kids at home.  Her husband just left her 3 weeks ago - walked out and didn't look back.  The sister missionaries found her and then refereed her to a set of missionaries that I went on exchanges with this week.  When we got there she had told us she had been reading the Book of Mormon with her kids and she wanted to start coming to church.  We had a great lesson on just how the gospel and its values help families grow and how it will help her with her kids to grow up with good people that can help and build them.  Super spiritual to hear her growing testimony and feel of her yearning and desire to go for it. Miracles happen every day and I love it. 

We were also able to have a youth fireside yesterday in our ward.  It was a musical fireside so Elder "H" used his guitar skills and played a sweet song about the Savior that he wrote. It was a good fireside and the youth loved it. 

Over all life is awesome - working hard and seeing miracles. Loving it out here.! love you all,
Elder Woestman

So the homeless people in Eugene are crazy and are sleeping all over government property, demanding that they can sleep anywhere haha.  They call themselves " Who Ville"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Religious Round Table

Hey ya'll.  Today is going to be pretty short, we have been way busy.  We have had a general authority in town this whole week and been doing zone conferences.  His name is Elder Foster and he is intense.  He invited my companion and I to come with President and Sister Young to a stake conference this weekend in Roseburg. We went to the priesthood leadership meeting and he was way bold.  He was trying to get everyone involved that was there in his lesson but no one was talking and no one was even taking notes.  It blew my companion's and my mind that no one was taking notes.  A 70 comes in and everyone was just sitting there looking at the wall. !?!?! You could tell he was getting a little frustrated. What he talked about was pretty good. He was talking about ward council and how the ward council needs to actually council with each other. And then the auxiliary leaders need to council with each auxiliary, and then how families need to council with each other- and that's how we learn and grow. Tieing it in to how we need to inspire people and help them receive revelation. So my companion and I were thinking about how we can tie that into our mission, zones, and districts.  How we need to council and learn and inspire each other together.  The power of note taking = inspiration! hahaha. 

Oh and check this - my companion (who is Elder "H" now, he is tight. He plays the guitar really well and we are putting on a youth fireside this Sunday and playing music) and I got invited to a round table at a local school. The sophomore high school class is putting on this event and asking all the religious sects to come and teach about their religion!  How bomb is that.  So our mission pres asked us to go. The work is hastening.  We aren't allowed to like "preach" but they told us to bring religious script.  So we are bring a case of Book of Mormons - hahah. Oho yeah, watch out Eugene. I'm loving it here!

It's been a way fun week full of adventure and mayhem. :)
Love you all, hope you guys have a great week.
Elder Woestman

Monday, November 4, 2013

Transfer Week

This week was pretty busy week. We were working with President Young on getting all the transfers ready and planning all that stuff, along with getting cars, and housing all situated for all the missionaries.  It's hard to balance all the office stuff and working in my area, so if you all have any tips that would be awesome.

However, it was also busy on the missionary end.  Our investigator Donna had a miscarriage this week, which was really hard.  We were able to have a spiritual experience through it though.  We had a lesson with her and Pres Lowary ( the 1st counselor in the mission presidency) came with us and was able to relate with her because he and his wife went through that twice.  We were able to talk about why the gospel is on the earth; to bind us together for time and all eternity, and that we will see our loved ones again.  It's always hard in those situations to know what to say to someone, but something I have learned that as we listen to the Spirit, it will never guide us the wrong way.  It was a good heartfelt lesson. If you could all keep her in your prayers that would be awesome. 

This week we made bread - all by hand.  It is a less active member's recipe so we made it to get in their door - and it worked.  We had to go home early for Halloween so we made it then.  Then on Friday we took it over to their house and they let us in.  We were able to find out their concerns. . . the power of homemade bread! haha

Love you guys.  Hope your having an awesome week. :)
Love Elder Woestman