Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wickedly Cool

So this week was awesome,  We had some wicked cool miracles happen this week.  One is that even though it has stunk biking hills (lol), all the members are seeing us and they are making positive comments about seeing us work, which always is good with building member trust.  I have been liking the bikes. 

Also this week on Saturday night we ran into this kid named Adan. Yes, that is Adan with a n.  He is 17 and is from South America.  He is here going to the University of Oregon and speaks awesome English   Because he isn't 18 and speaks great English, we get him and the Young Single Adult or Spanish branch doesn't lol.  FInding him was a cool thing because we were unlocking our bikes at like 830 at night and he walks by and the grocery bags he is carrying tears in half.  So we helped him carry his stuff to his place and then we asked him if he would want to come to church and he said yes!!!! and he did!!!!!  We were able to pick him up and all the members just took him in.  It was way sweet. 

Also we meet a guy on the street who is from Kent Ohio and was being taught by the missionaries there so we were able to get his information and we get to go over there on Tuesday -  miracles!!!  I love it. Life has been good.  Transfer calls are this weekend so I am hoping that I get to stay.  There is a lot of stuff happening now so it would be a bummer to leave right now. 

Today I am making my own CTR (Choose the RIght) ring at a members home.  How awesome is that?  After today i will know how to make my own rings. and we took a tour of Autzon Stadium which was way sick.  

Love this place, love you all
-Elder Woestman