Monday, June 17, 2013

. . . .and he is running toward home!!

Happy fathers day dad!

So this has been a crazy couple weeks for Elder "M" and I.  We have been seeing some crazy awesome miracles happen.  We have been working way hard at trying to find new investigators, and we have been talking to a lot of Chinese  lol  It's so funny. We pretty much just talk in English because they all speak in English, but we have been practicing praying in Chinese.  It so weird because of all the tones that they make.  We were finding and this Chinese guy named Feng opened the door and let us in.  We were able to help him understand who God is, way fun because it had to be simple. lol. 

Oh, and on Monday we were playing soft ball for family home evening and I was stealing 3rd when some one threw the ball to the third base person and it hit me in the head haha but it was worth it because when it hit my head it flew the other way and I was able to go to home!!! o yeah.    

What else. . .  so with school being out a lot of kids are going home so our teaching pool is going down and we are going to have to be getting a lot more, so keep us in your prayers! 

Over all - great week. Spirit lead and way fun. I love the College Hill Ward.
Love you guys, Elder Woestman