Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fraternity . . .

This was a great week.  We found 9 new investigators by our own efforts this week!!!  The coolest thing happened - we were knocking and this guy comes up to us and tells us his friend is on Costa Rica on his mission.  We talk to him and then ask if he has some time right now for us to share a message   He says yes and we follow him to his place.  We walk up to a frat house (hahaha) and he takes us in.  It was intense.  The place was huge, but because it's summer really no one is there.  Well, we start teaching him and then two of his friends join in and we stayed for an hour and they want us to come back!  We go over tomorrow. Its' going to be awesome - lol.  I never would have thought a frat house. totally built my testimony.  I loved it.  Miracles were flowing this week. 

On Sunday we had a less active member come to church that we have been working with a lot and that was tight.  Oh and my stake had a play and they had us help. It was cool because some families from my first area were there and I was able to say hi to them. 

Over all a great week. 
Love you all,
Elder Ben Woestman