Monday, August 5, 2013

My first Confirmation

So this was a crazy week.  We bought some of the new scrips for our investigator to get baptized this weekend.  She is awesome - the elect.  It blows Elder "M's" and my mind all the time.   AND - she asked me to give her the Gift Of the Holy Ghost.  Which I have never done before so I am excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited.  

We also had the coolest thing happen at "family home evening" this week.  We were playing kick ball (which my team won by the way, no big deal) and a Chinese couple walks by and was watching.  We invited them to play and the husband was so ready - we only had five people on our team and the other team had like 12 ( we don't know how to count very well - haha) and so he played on our team.  He had a great time and he gave us his number and told us he would love to play again. The good thing is that our Chinese missionary who actually can speak it (haha) is coming back soon so he can finish what we try to get rolling. 

What else happened this week. .... o Elder "M" and I got a new companion.  One of the elders in our zone got his visa to Brazil so we are with his companion until the end of week -which is fun because he is a good guy and its fun covering two wards. 

Over all - good week. I love this place. Things are going great. Love you all and tell the Grandmas, Aunt Dot and Brother Wardwell I love them. 

Elder Woestman