Sunday, January 6, 2013

Monday, Dec 31st 2012

So this week was a great week. Crazy news first. Sister Young talked to mission medical and, I am sure she already called you [mom] or will soon, I need to have surgery.  I have a Pilonidal Cyst at the area of the base of my tail bone.  And there is only one guy they will let cut if off. Thankfully he lives in Eugene and not somewhere else. So if it is what they think it is I will have to be down completely for a week and then for 4 weeks after that I will be an office missionary - which really stinks. I am not too happy. i am praying that this is something else. So keep that in your prayers please. lol   As I think about it its kind of funny.  Positive attitude.

Anyways, this week was fantastic. It was awesome talking to all of you.  You all are great. I am thankful to have an awesome family.  Thanks for the Christmas gifts.

Besides it being Christmas, we had a great week for teaching too. We had a lot of cool miracles that happened this week.  We didn't think many people would let us come over because of the holidays but we were wrong. And we are finally seeing our teaching pool go up.  On Christmas eve we got a call and found out this lady needed help.  She is a less active member and her daughter is not a member. They both came to church this week and her daughter brought her son too.  Also we are teaching a man named Chris and his daughter.  He is a less active and his 10 year old daughter is not a member. Cool miracle that happened is that Chris came to church for the first time yesterday and also brought his girl friend Shelly. His daughter is going to come next week because she was with her mom this weekend. Miracles! Also cool little miracle. a man name Loan from Romania walked into church this week and he is house shopping.  We were able to talk to him for a long time and it was just a way cool experience.  Love being a missionary (except for the part about getting my butt chopped open) - life is great. 

Oh- I need updated family pictures.  So if you family members would all send me a pic of your family that would be much appreciated. Love you guys.

Elder Ben Woestman
PS -  Thank the ward for me for the pillow case and thank Sr Hargis for sending me cards.  I get one from her like every other month and its always a pleasant surprise.