Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to Work - yah!!

So this week was a way good week.  You know my butt is good.  The doctor i saw said that it looks great.  I got the stitches out of it and he said that I can go about my regular days - which i already was, so it was good.  He said i will probably always have a bump there, which is a bummer because my perfect bum now has a bump. lol.  

On to the week  -  We were in a tri-panionship because the missionary that came down to take my spot chilled with us until today and he went back to his area.  He is from Japan and is way cool.  He doesn't talk a lot but is way funny when you can get him to talk.  We had to wake up at three in the morning to take the visa waiting missionaries to the airport this morning because they are leaving for Argentina, so i am pooped. it was a longggggggggggggg morning. and then we had to be at transfers.  But get this Elder Casey "C" - my trainer - is coming down to Medford, so i am pumped up.  And I get to be with Elder "H" for one more transfer so I am pretty excited. 

And get this:   During the week we were able to have some good miracles happen. One was just that one of the part member families we are working with gave us a call and wanted to have us come over right away. We went over and they told us that their grandpa had died. So we were able to help them and bring some hope into their lives. It was a miracle not because the grandpa died but because the family is now trusting us and calling us when they need help which is always a good sign. i was also able to take the son aside and talk to him. He is 17 and the dad is not in the picture.  We were able to talk about how he needs to help his mom and be the rock of the family. It was way awesome to see him take the responsibility of it and do it with a smile. 

We were able to see one of the guys the missionaries had been working with in the past.  And he even came to church this Sunday   Ii love it.  He was all pumped up and was talking like he was already a member of the church.  

I am excited for this coming week because we are going to be doing a church tour for a family of 10!!!  We are also teaching another family of 5, who have come to church three times, and we are hoping that they accept the challenge to be baptized. so pray for them.
Love you all 
Elder Woestman