Monday, January 28, 2013

Jail? Anti-Mormon! Lost . . .

This week was a very intense week.   We had three sets of investigators drop us this past week.  One went to jail.  One looked up anti-Mormon material and will not even meet with us.  And the other we don't know what happened, he just won't meet with us.  So, because of this we went out finding a lot.  And great miracles happened because of it. We were able to find four new investigators. 

One's name is Isaac.  He opened the door and we started talking.  We noticed that he had on an Oregon Baseball shirt and because Elder "H" is a baseball lover it naturally got brought up.  We found out that one of his teammates/coach is a member of the Church.  We asked if we could come in and he said yes.  So we were able to share the Restoration with him and say a prayer with him before we left.  It was a spiritual boost.  The cool thing is that when I meet him I was thinking "what up mike lol."  This guy reminded me of Michael Sprague; so I kept thinking;  " I need to ask Mike what were some things that helped him know that the Church was true and what the missionaries did to help him the most". This guy reminds me a lot of him. The amazing thing is that we had been praying about finding solid investigators and then that miracle happened. 

The other people we meet were just as eventful as Isaac.  One lady was walking down the street and a kid right next to her said "whats up missionaries" so we went over and talked to her.  She wants us to come back this week and teach her and her daughter.  How cool is that.  Miracles are happening in the Oregon Eugene Mission. 

Oh and another cool thing -over the past couple days Elder "H" and I have been making a rap song. and we got it recorded lol.  So I am going to send it to everyone in the near future because its the bomb! lol   Don't worry, we only did it on p-day.  Actually the cool thing is the guy who recorded us, we are now teaching, so pretty much making a rap was an inspired idea :). 

Right now we are also working on a lot of less active people.  We have been able to help a couple less actives come back to church so that is a way cool feeling for me.  Less actives are just as important as investigators. as long as both have the right amount of attention things fly! 
Love you all.
Elder Ben