Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!

What is up?  Happy New Year.   Guess what.  We were allowed to watch a movie on New Years, so we watched "Brave".  But not only did we watch it, Elder "H" and I talked to the sound guy for the stake and he let us use the speakers they use for the dances and then we got a projector and set up a movie theater for the zone.  How cool is that.  We also did a white elephant gift exchange with everyone in the zone.  I got some army men, and a Buzz Lightyear watch.  Pretty much awesome - i know. lol

This week was also really cool because we got a call from the bishop on Tuesday and he told us that someone called him and they wanted to meet with him.  So he called us to tag a long - lol.  We get to the bishop's house - - mom and dad you would love it because he has a little farm with like a horse, a couple cows, chickens, he grows some stuff, and he does it not to make money but to eat, pretty cool guy - then his pig escaped.  So we were chasing this pig all around his land trying to get it back in its pen. hahah  Then we went to visit the guy.  I thought it was a perfect way to start a lesson.  And I think I have found my new calling, "pig wrangler . lol. 

We have also been teaching this lady named Talena.  Her mother is a member but she and her kids are not.  They called us the other week and said they needed help.  So we hooked her up with the bishop and now she has been coming to church and meeting with us.  The cool thing is we know she isn't just trying to get money from the church because; 1) she only got some food to hold her over till the next week, and 2) she is the kind of person that wouldn't do something if she didn't want to.  Also cool thing with her was that we were helping her with her yard, and the elders quorum president sent out an email to everyone asking for people to help us.  This less active guy emails the EQ president back and said he would come and help.  Then he came to church. And in elders quorum he said that when he received the email he was just going to dismiss it, but he kept getting the prompting to open it.  So he did.  And then he said, "If I am going to help with this, then I might as well get my butt back to church".  How cool is that?!!  The power of service. MIRACLE.  Goes to show you can't give up on anyone, and you need to always follow promptings, because if the EQ pres had not sent him that email he wouldn't have come to church.  

The cyst is good :)  I go to the doctor today to check this thing out. I went on an exchange this past week with the Spanish missionaries and I was thinking; "If i have to lay on my stomach for a couple weeks recouping from surgery, I am just going to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish, pull an "Other Side of Heaven" -  hahah.

Love you all,  Elder Woestman