Monday, July 2, 2012


This week was the lol. I love it. So many crazy amazing miracles happen every day. First one was that our investigator Randy got baptized. How cool is that. When he was walking into the font he made the comment that he had been waiting for this for a long time. He is the one we had to get permission from the Seventy to get baptized - and everything worked out.

Another miracle was that we have been teaching this kid named Bryce and he is 10. His mother is a member and his dad is Catholic. He wants to get baptized and this past week we were able to set the date of July 21st with him. He is a way cool kid. To make it easier for him to understand, we taught him the Plan of Salvation outside using side walk chalk in the middle of a members street who lives on a dead end road, haha. We kind of made it into a board game so he could have fun with it and still understand everything that was being said.

Oh - and get this, so we had two new investigators come to church last week; Joyce and Anna. Anna is 16 and Joyce is like 50. They are mom and daughter. When we went to go teach them on Wednesday, Anna asked us how she could be come a member of the Church. How awesome is that? Miracles happen all over the place. I love it. The Lord has been blessing Elder "H" and I so much. So, we are working with Anna and Joyce.

Oh ya, so we are going to have an apostle come on August 18th. Awesome! Miracles, I love it! Love you guys, love it here, and the people are amazing.
-Elder Woestman