Monday, July 16, 2012

School Clean Up Day

So this week was great! We were finally able to meet with Anna and Joyce again, and a miracle happened. They both agreed that they would be baptized on August 4th. Which is way cool! And Joyce said that her 24 year old son is going to be coming back in town this September and he wants to go to church with them. Miracles!

Also, this past week we had to hand off one of our investigators with a date to be baptized, to the Singles ward missionaries because he will be going to their ward. We got him to stop smoking this past week - which was very awesome. That stop smoking workshop that the Church has the missionaries do works wonders. It is pretty legit!

Also this week, we finalized everything for our investigator Bryce's baptism. We had him teach us the Plan of Salvation yesterday and he pretty much had it down. The kid is awesome. The cool thing is he asked me to baptize him this coming Saturday. I have never baptized any one before, so I am pretty excited for this Saturday.

Something funny that happened was that we txted everyone in our phone who we did not know and asked if they would like to meet up. This one guy named Erick said "yeah" and for "Thursday @ 7 @ the park off of 4th." So we go and we txt him which bench we are on and he says that he is there. We call him and while we are trying to figure out where each other are, we realize that he is in a different town 30 minutes away! haha. So we were at two different parks. I thought it was pretty funny.

Also this week we did a lot of service. They have this thing in Albany where once a year they get all the churches in town to team up and help redo one of the schools. So of course, we go, and there were so many people there. It was way cool to see everyone in town team up, fix, and paint this old school. Elder "H" and I painted one of the outside walls. It was a good missionary opportunity too. We were able to talk to a lot of people and a lot of the pastors don't hate us now :) -which is a plus. I love this town. The cool thing about being here for 5 months is that I pretty much know everyone, lol. Today we fixed the roof of one of our investigator's home. He was talking about how he was doing a job with this other guy in town. He was describing him and I was like "Is his name Adam?" Gary was like "yeah". Haha - we have been teaching Adam too. Small world!

The mission is the "bomb". I love it. Nothing better. We work hard and always try to stay busy which brings miracles flowing. Our miracle wall is getting filled with post-it notes. Love you all.
Elder Woestman