Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Baptism

So this week was another AMAZING week. Something cool that happened was that we were able to teach with President and Sister Young. Those two are amazing and are jam-packed with the Spirit. They came to a lesson with us to a lady named June. She is the Jewish lady that we are teaching - and it went great.... Sort of . . . lol. The lesson did not go at all as planned. Elder "H" and I did not get to say much at all - and neither did our president and his wife. But June was able to tell us some of her concerns. It was just really spirit lead. Can't ask for anything better than that.
We also had a way good baptism this week - which was crazy sweet! I was able to baptize Bryce. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We could both feel the Spirit. That kid is just "too cool for school." His dad came (he is catholic) and he came up to Elder "H" and I and gave us a hug and said "Thank You." He had tears in his eyes. Elder "H" and I both got the feeling that we need to work on him next. He is an amazing man who loves his family.
Yesterday we pretty much had "finding" planned for the whole day. We had the best time ever. We walked the streets of Albany and just made friends and then taught. We were able to get a couple potential investigators out of it. I love talking to people on the street. To me it is a lot easier and a lot more productive than knocking on doors because people are not as "stand offish". Being a missionary is just way too amazing. Miracles happen every day. It still amazes me now that can happen.

Love you guys, Elder Woestman