Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Week in Paradise

Talk about a week of crazy awesomeness . . . this week started out with Miracle Monday. We pushed our p-day to Wednesday because of the 4th of July. So Miracle Monday came about - we set a date for baptism with a guy named Clint for July 21st. The sad thing is that we have to give him to the singles ward's missionaries because that is where he will be going. Oh Well! The sower is just as important as the reaper.
Also we had a crazy awesome training down in Eugene. I was able to see a couple of the guys I came out with who are now trainers and that was way good. We pretty much talked about hard work. Elder "H" and I are going to work even harder these coming months.
One of the people we are teaching is this lady named June. She is a "Messianic Jew" - so she already believes in Christ. She ate up the first lesson and is going to come to church this coming week. She is a funny old lady, but the amazing thing is that she lived through the Holocaust. She lived in a ghetto during that whole time in Germany. I think it is a big privilege to be teaching her.
The other cool thing is that we are teaching Lilly again. She has been gone these past couple weeks visiting the BYU campus. She is going to BYU - how cool is that! We had a really good lesson this past Sunday and she told us she knows the church is true. The only problem is her mom is a little "weirded" out about it. So we are going to be working with her mom the best we can. The good thing is that her mom knows a lot of the members and is good friends with a lot of them. The members here are awesome!
We are teaching another girl named Anna who is 16 and the Young Women leaders went to her house to invite her to Girls Camp and I am pretty sure she is going.

The work here is great. I love the people and everything about the missionary work. Miracles happen every day.
Love you all, Elder Woestman