Monday, July 30, 2012

Awesome Pow-Some

Thanks mom for the Skyline Chili packets for the ward chili competition. The ward here is not going to be able to handle what is about to be made. haha. Watch out - Albany Skyline is coming to town!!
Anyways, this week was the awesome pow-some. We had a way cool specialized training this week with our mission president which went way good. He is such a good guy. He just radiates with the Spirit. We were taught that we need to leave our baggage behind and get to work - that we need to change now, and not wait. Which made me think of what Dan told me before I left about how when the Spirit gives me an idea to improve I need to do it then and not wait until the next transfer and stuff like that. Over all it was a way good training.
So the best part of the week is what Elder "H" and I call "COOKIE DAY". Pretty much we came up with this idea about how we should make a bunch of cookies and take them to all the people we teach - including less actives, investigators, and past investigators that we might be able to get rolling again. So on Saturday we literally made over 200 cookies (haha). We had to make all the dough first - yes, we made them from scratch and with love - it is the only way to do it. Then we went to the church because it has two ovens and we could bake them faster. Literally - the most cookies I have ever seen. We did not even use all the dough, so we still have a bunch of cookie dough chilin in our freezer. This turned out be be a wonderful miracle because we were able to set up a lot of lessons with people. We made contact with 29 people. How cool is that. Who can say no to a cookie, right!
Also, this week we found out that a less active member wants to come back to church and she has 2 kids who are not baptized that want to come to church too. Miracle. The work is going great here. It is crazy to see how everything just works out when we do what we are suppose to. Transfers are this week and I am scared that I might leave because this place is awesome.
Something else that is way cool, there is this house we found that is made out of foam. It is made to look like a mountain or something, so of course when we saw it we went and knocked on their door. We ended up talking to the owner's son who lives right behind the foam house - and he wants us to come back next week.
Also - we have been going to this older couples house who are less active and working with them for the past 5 months. They finally came to church yesterday and loved it. It was way cool to see how not giving up on someone and working with them at their pace gets them to make steps. Life lessons are learned everyday. That is something Elder "H" and I talk about - that the mission teaches us so much if we pay attention. We adopted the song from the movie "Sister Act 2" as our motto; "If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention." How true is that! In lessons if we pay attention, and watch, and listen to the people, the Spirit will teach us. -And people say you can't learn anything from a movie. haha
-Love Ya, Hope all is going great, Elder Woestman