Monday, May 6, 2013

So this week was way good.  Started out on Monday by going to Stfanos house and playing on his drums.  It was pretty sweet.  And then we had a way good lesson on the "Restoration".  Later in the week we brought our young men's president with us to see Stfano because Stfano wants to help in the Young Mens Program because he was in the military for so long.  That lesson went way good because both Stfano and the young men's president are both in the special forces so they were talking about stuff . . . and Elder "M" and I had no idea what was going down hahaha.  

Oh - and then on Tuesday the lesson we had with Adam (the alcoholic guy) went way good.  He is reading the Book of Mormon every night and also the Bible - at least two chapters a day.  How sweet is that.  We almost fell out of our seats when he told us that. It's hard to get people to do that, and so when they do it on their own and they are craving it and just want more and more we get pumped up.  He also watched the "Restoration" video and knows its true.  So now we just need him to not work on Sunday - haha.  

We had a missionary leadership council this week in Eugene and it went really well.  We were able to talk about what the mission needs, and it was fun because Elder "M" and I were asked to teach about unity and so we did a little activity before we taught it.  The activity was when people seat on a chair and then lean on the guys legs behind them, and you make them do it in a circle and then take all the chairs out from under them and they all stay up .  It was fun and helped them understand how they need to work together. 

Oh - miracle that I almost forgot to say.  So Mike and Andra are two investigators with a baptismal date for this Wednesday.  We took them to watch a baptism. A lot of things happened.  One was that at first they didn't want to go because Andra blew out her knee so she didn't want to walk.  We assured her she could seat the whole time - lol and so they came.  But we were running 20 min late because we ran into some unexpected delays.   I was praying the whole time that for some reason the baptism would start late. We get there and we walk in 20 min late and they just started the opening hymn. MIRACLE lol.   The sad thing is that there weren't a lot of people at the baptism, so to help the other missionaries out my companion and I sneaked out the back (and luckily their was mutual there that night) so we grabbed a bunch of youth and they were totally down to come and support.  So the lady getting baptized had people there for her, but it was a bummer that no one came from her ward.  So make sure you all go to the baptisms in your wards. No one likes an empty baptism service. plus it's good for the kids. 

So this week went really good and that is way cool about all the young men going on missions in my home ward.  Tell them to email me.  Oh yeah - I am allowed to email anyone now so you should put my email on the blog and tell people they can email me, and tell the priest to email me.

Love you all.
Elder Ben Woestman