Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes - the mission is going to split - but we aren't supposed to talk about it, because our mission president wants us to focus on now and not the future. So - we will see how things go in July.

So this week was fantastic.  We had some pretty cool miracles.  If you remember the guy that Elder "M" and I talked to who was an alcoholic  He now has a baptismal date for June 20th :)   It was so cool because we were able to share a message on "The plan of salvation" and pretty much we focused on our life on earth and how we can be baptized and start fresh.  Adam loved it.  He asked us if he could be baptized.  And he hasn't had any alcohol since that first time we saw him.  The only problem is that he works on Sunday and so we have to help him with that. . .  and he smokes. but that shouldn't be too hard to handle. lol 

We taught this guy named Joseph the other day and he wants to come to church, so he can meet a wife - haha.  He knows Mormons have good morals - he told us that he wants to come to church for the right reasons though.  I just think that is way funny. 

We have been having to push back the people we have committed to a baptismal date because they can't come to church.  So I am hoping that I stay here for one more transfer because we have four people on date, but they will get baptized after the transfer haha. go figure.  The cool thing that I have been able to see is the progression in the area, and how we are able to find new people to teach and the cool miracles that happen from it.  Like on Monday we went finding right after p-day and knock into this guy named Stfano. (yes -that's how you spell it.)  He told us to come back and we did.  Turns out he was in the military for like 40 years and 2 years ago finally retired.  He has been all over the place. The cool thing is he wants to come to church and wants to learn more.  We are actually going over there today for our p-day and he is going to show us his drums :)  and then we are going to show him the "Prophet of the restoration" DVD-  lol. . . give and take.  This place is the bomb.  o and i almost forgot.  OSCAR [a friend from the Fairfield Ohio area] is in my zone lol. I get to see him at least twice a week. How cool is that.
Love you all,
 Elder Ben Weestman