Monday, April 8, 2013

Howdie doddie . . .

So this was so awesome.  . . like miracles falling from the sky.   Started out on Monday.   We had a grreat lesson with this guy named Chris and his daughter.  We read the "Family Proclamation to the World" with them, and it was fantastic.  Such a powerful pamphlet.  We were able to talk about eternal families and how we can have them.  The great thing is that there is a temple at our stake center so most of the people in Medford know what it is and went to the walk through it during the open house.  But the lesson went so well and they are praying about being baptized May 18th.  So keep Chris and his families in your prayers.

Elder "M" and I made to goal to talk to everyone we see, even if they are in a car or running or anything - no matter how awkward it might seem.   Who cares because we are missionaries and people already think we are awkward -  hahaha.  Miracles have come from the sky because of it.   

We went running one morning at like 630 and there was a guy at the bus stop and we talked to him for like 10 min.  His grandma is mormon.  He gave us his address and we saw him yesterday and he said that we could come back and that he would read the Book of Mormon. 

But probably the coolest miracle is that Elder "M" and I had jumped in the car and we saw a group of people talking, and we looked at each other and nodded - lol - we jumped out of the car and headed over to them.  One of the guys saw us and walked right up to us and said; "I need your help."  We were like 'cool' lol.  Turns out he is an alcoholic and wants to stop drinking.  We were able to teach him about how through the atonement the Lord can give us strength and help us through anything.  And then the next day we dropped off an ARP book and we are going to go over on Tuesday to teach him.  the crazy awesome thing is that he just walked right up to us and said "I need you".  If we would have never got back out of our car that would have never happened. Built our testimonies on following every prompting right away.  That is what sprang the talking to everyone. 

What else. . . . oh general conference was the best thing ever!  Crazy wicked missionary minded.  Pretty much told members whats up lol.  So I hope all of you are doing what they said.  What Pres Eyring said about being a stake missionary and teaching two lessons a night that members set up for him - that's more than we get and we are full time missionaries. We correlated with our ward mission leader and thought of good ways to get the members involved.  SO I hope all of you are helping your missionaries, and are not forgetting what it was like to be a missionary when no members help. 

Over all it's been a great week.  Loved it.  Hope everything is going great.  Tell Doranda and Bob "way cute baby".

Love Elder Ben Woestman