Monday, May 27, 2013

Young Single Adult Wards

What is up my family !!!   Ok get this. Young Single Adult wards are the best thing ever created - so much fun - and so much work.  Last Monday right when we walk into FHE two members come up to us and said they wanted us to teach their friends haha.  One of which is this guy named Aaron.  He has been going to church for like 2 months and we were able to have a lesson with him and talk about baptism.  He already knows the church is true and he wants to go to the temple, but he is struggling with when to be baptized.  He doesn't feel like he should do it now.  So after we talked to him we decided it would be best if he prayed and fasted about it.  So he did!  I have never had an investigator fast about stuff before lol so that was cool.  And we are going to be talking about it today after FHE when we meet with him. 

What else. . . . Oh, so two people also randomly walked into church yesterday which was awesome.  And then a member brought a friend who is going to meet with us.  The only bummer is that in a couple weeks everyone goes home for the summer haha.  So we have to deal with that.  Oh well. the great thing is that the college students aren't afraid to talk to people and invite them.  They have the skill of not thinking to hard about it and just doing it.  It's fun for us to see how they just ask their friends, and if their friends say no they don't care because it is only awkward after that if one makes it awkward. 

This place is amazing. and my companion is way awesome. We have been having a good time together, over all - great week.

Love you all and tell Brother Wardwell I love him and that he still is expected to play the piano at my wedding, so he better be there, and tell both grandmas they are awesome and I love them, 
Love Elder Woestman