Monday, March 4, 2013

Well - Hello . . .

We had a fantastic week this week.  Miracles are coming.  First one is that we went to teach a recent convert and they haven't been coming to church very much so we made a lesson all about goals and how to reach goals.  We all set goals, including Elder "M" and I on how we could better live our baptismal covenants. Then we shared them with everyone so we could all be accountable to each other. It was a spiritual lesson because the recent converts set their own goals and figured out ways they could do it themselves and not have someone else tell them what they needed to do. It also taught me that people need to set their own goals. I think to myself when people told me what to do verses I made an idea my self and which one I was more apt to do.  Most def the one I made up lol.  Life lesson I learned that day.

The other amazing miracle that happened with that is that one of their non-member friends was with them and sat in on the lesson and he set goals also.  One of his goals was to meet with us once a week! How cool is that!  We were pretty pumped.  

And this past Sunday after ward council we had 30 min before church started so we went to everyone's door who told us that they were going to come to church :)  We woke a couple people up and only 2 people came, but it worked for those two people.  We decided not to just hope they come to church, but make sure everything falls into line so they can come to church.  With one less active part member family we are teaching the mom (who is a member) had a eye opening experience and so she is having us teach her all the commandments so she can live them all and go to church and her boy friend ( who is not a member) is following them with her.  We are doing a chapel tour with them tonight and hopefully that will motivate them even more. 

Oh - and speaking of that family, some one got stabbed in the throat a block down from their house.  How INTENSE is that.  We were coming out of a lesson and see all these cop cars and the whole neighborhood was out of their house.  Welcome to "Methford". 

Something that Elder "M" and I think our Zone needs is how to plan properly, and effectively.  Which is something that we are going to make sure we do right and then help the other missionaries with and how to set goals.  Without those two things pretty much nothing gets done. 

This week has taught me the importance of goals.  Missions prepares one for life. This will make sure that everyone knows how to use their time wisely and we don't have to worry that they don't know what they are doing. 

Love this place. Elder "M" is awesome. Miracles are happening in the Central Point Zone!!!
Love Elder Ben Woestman