Monday, March 25, 2013

This Week . . .

SO this week was crazy.  Every week is always so different.  It's weird how it all works out. 

So first thing - we have been having awesome lessons with Betty. The young women are doing way awesome at fellow-shipping her and just being her friend. Betty's whole body language has changed.  She is now smiling and happy when before she always looked mad at the world.  She is happy she found a place that actually likes her and loves her for her.  So it's been really cool to see the ward step it up.  

And oh - get this. so I don't know if you all remember a girl by the name of Lily that Elder "H" and I taught in Albany.  Well she sent me a letter this week. She had decided to go to BYU back while we were there teaching her.  She knew the church was true but she wouldn't get baptized till February 10th. And this was in June.  And she said it would probably be in a couple years. Well if you remember from the letters I sent from then she used to frustrate Elder "H" and I because she knew it was true but wouldn't act on it. So . .  when she went to BYU she Got BAPTIZED.   How sick is that.  She said that she didn't have to take the lessons over again because Elder "H" and I already sought them to her. Totally pumped me up. It was probably the best letter I have gotten. Go BYU and the Spirit lol. 

Other than that Elder "M" and I have been able to find a couple new investigators.  The cool thing is that we are teaching three different couples.  One couple came to church.  The other is coming next week.  The third one is still a little nervous but they will come around.  Oh and sweet miracle - we went to a old folks home to visit a less active lady the ward didn't know and we were able to find her and she came to church this Sunday and loved it!  There is a widows' club in the ward and she was invited to it and loved it.  It is way cool to see the ward step up and go talk to people. I love it.
Love you all. 
Elder Ben Woestman.