Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Week in Paradise . . .

This week was a fantastic week.  Okay amazing miracles are happening.  One happened on Wednesday   We had dinner at a member's house and they had invited some friends over without telling us so when we walked in we were like sweeeet. and we started talking about the church and eternal families.  We then meet with them on Friday and taught the "Restoration Lesson" - but how we started it was with a "Mormon Message" which is about the importance of fathers and Heavenly Father.  Perfect way to start a lesson.  The Spirit came in so strong. we ended it with the guy saying a kneeling closing prayer.   It went so well!   They came to church this Sunday and they loved it. Such a cool miracle. 

And then we had a member tell us she wanted us to teach her boyfriend.  He is taking the lessons in Portland and I guess the missionaries up there are bad so she wanted us to teach him.  It went really well.  His name is Mike and its way cool to see him want the gospel.  He literally WANTS IT.  We are sad he isn't in our area.  During the lesson we said "Mike you are the best investigator ever.  The missionaries are going to be asking you to be baptized so be ready to be asked" .  He said okay with a smile lol.  So awesome.  We are trying to convince him to move down here.  We were on an exchange and the missionary I was with did really well.  He is a new missionary and wasn't afraid to talk.  He is actually 23 and was in the army before he came out.  Pretty awesome guy. 

We also found a dog that day. . . and had an adventure trying to get it to its owner.  Over all it was a great week. This past Sunday we had stake correlation at 8 but earlier in the week we promised an investigator that we would make them breakfast so they would be ready for church lol.  So we got a member to come with us and we made bacon and eggs. Real bacon too.  Sooooo good.  We got there at like 630 (lol) so we could get to the stake meeting on time.  Our stake pres asked us why we smelled like Denny's - lol - we just smiled.  They ended up coming to church and loving it.  It was a way good week full of bacon, lost dogs, bees, and teaching people about the gospel,
Love it :) love you all. 
Elder Woestman