Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Transfer . . .

This week was another fantastic week. We had some way cool miracles happen. The biggest and best was that we were able to get 7 people to church. Elder "H" and i have been tired of not having people come to church and dogging us.  So we on Saturday night made sure everything was set up for everyone and there were no excuses to not come. There is a lady named Violet and she has 9 kids and a niece. She is a single mom and we tracked into her. We have been teaching them for awhile and they have never been able to come to church because they don't have a car. So we talked to them this weekend and Violet wasn't able to come but said her kids could come. So we got a couple members to come pick them up and we had 7 kids at church.  It was crazy. We had them sitting by us and it was a feat and a half to keep them quiet in church.  They were all between 5-14 with one 17 year old. The ward stepped up though and took them to all their classes and made sure they were taken care of.  We even went to primary to make sure they all had a good time.  Primary is so flippen' fun.  We even got to be in charge of a couple songs.  And they loved it! The 11 year old even heard that there was going to be a priesthood preview this Sunday and he came.  So we were able to get him a ride and he was able to make even more friends. MIRACLES.  It made Sunday fun.  They love the idea of church.   Gives them a good place to hang out - they even are coming to mutual.

What else happened this week............ Elder "H" left me. He is now in Corvallis. I have a my new companion - Elder "M". I don't know him but i have heard good things about him.

Oh the temple was great, we went ice skating after and meet some little kids that played hockey.  They asked who we all were and we were able to tell them that we were missionaries and now all of them love missionaries.  Seeds planted lol.  Pretty much this is going to be an amazing transfer.  I am excited.   

Oh - my mission is getting split!!  How intense.  So in a couple months I might not even be in the OEM. i hope that doesn't happen.  We are getting more than 30 new missionaries this transfer. The work is progressing.
Love Elder Woestman