Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In The OEM

This past week was a way good week. We had an amazing miracle happen this week. We were walking home and had prayed that a prepared person would be put into our path. We pretty much walked all the way to our apartment and only a guy on a bike (who we tried to stop but he just rode by) and another guy who wouldn't talk to us, passed us.   Then as we turned down our street this car pulled over and a lady got out of it and came over to us. She was a past investigator friend who had told us never to come back. She said that they had felt bad and wanted us to come over again. We were naturally pumped up and went over there that night. We talked to them again and they said we could start coming back again. And their 14 year old son even went to the Valentines youth Dance this past Saturday and is going to "Mutual" tonight.  The cool thing was that we went over there to see how the dance was and he was all excited because he danced with a bunch of girls - hahaha.  He was like "they all said yes ".   There is no better missionary tool than a stake valentines dance lol. So Awesome. We are excited to get them all back on track. We are going over there tonight and taking the bishop with us so it should be a good lesson.  

What else happened this week. . . .  We also went to the temple today which is a big spiritual booster!   That's why this is note is later than normal.  We had to switch our p-day to today.  So this is the end of the transfer this week, and Pres young told us that  Elder "H" is going to leave.  So I am pretty bummed out.  He is a way fun companion and we have seen a lot of cool miracles happen to us.  I am praying that at the last second the President changes his mind and keeps Elder "H" here for 1 more transfer.  

Oh - and we made a video. (see below).  A member put it on Youtube. You can also find it on Youtube by searching "im on a mission (in the OEM)" .  This is the rap Elder "H" and I made up and then we made a music video. 

Sorry about the short email this week. 
Love you all.
Elder Woestman