Monday, November 5, 2012

Chapel Tours

So this was a great week.  Elder "D" and i have had a pretty funny week.  So one cool miracle that happened was that we had an investigator come to church that we weren't expecting. His name is Bruce and this past Monday we had a chapel tour and then i guess that made him want to come to church.  The power of the chapel tour - can't beat it.

Also this week has been way good because we have been able to take the young men out to lessons.  The high school here has a bunch of open minded people which is way good because that means they will talk. lol.  So we have ran into a lot of teenagers and  we are having the kids in our ward talk to them and then come with us when we teach.  We are going to use the power of the church dances to get kids to come.  Love it.  Once you go to a church dance your hooked haha.  The young men in our ward are pretty good too,  We have the jocks, band geeks, and chill kids, so we are ready for any situation.

Oh - I almost forgot about Halloween.  We passed out candy :). but we only had one kid knock on our door so he got it all hah he was pretty pumped. I love it here.  This next transfer is going to be awesome. miracles are going to happen.

Love ya, Elder Woestman