Tuesday, November 20, 2012

T M I . . .

This has been a weird/ crazy/ awesome/ fun week. i will tell the non-spiritual stuff first because it's pretty funny.  So on Monday last week I woke up with what I thought was a bruised tail bone.  I went on my day doing my normal thing.  Got a new suit, which looks pretty fly if I say so my self, and then played some foot ball with other missionaries.  Then the next day Elder "D" and I woke up to do our normal morning run - what I thought was a bruised tail bone had gotten bigger. and hurt.  We went for the run and then when I went to go jump in the shower I noticed that it had started to leek out.  Gross I know   So I called a nurse in our ward and she said that it was prob a cyst. (I thought I was going to die) and then told me that if the puss was yellow it wasn't infected but if it was green it was infected.....................................it was yellow. (At this point I figured that i wasn't going to die today, just in a week now).  So I drained it out -  Which hurt really bad, and then went about my day doing my thing.  I had to go on an exchange so I went on an exchange that night with another set of missionaries.  That next morning I was hurting pretty bad. haha ( I blame dad for my hardheadedness about calling a doctor.  To many things that had to get done) but I finally called my mission president's wife who handles all of our medical stuff.  She told me that I need to call this member who is a doctor in another ward.  I call him and set up a time that night to have him do his doctor stuff on my tail bone. I get there and he has me go into his bath room and he put this coolant stuff on it and then he started cutting it with scissors. ( Don't worry it was all sanitized stuff) this hurt really bad. But I took it like a man haha.  Oh man did it hurt.  (Like now I know how the pioneers felt.  So with no drugs or knocking out stuff, I had this half dollar thing cyst cut and now I am suppose to just let it drain out. It looks a lot better now. Not completely gone but a lot smaller and not as red. hahahaha  A story of a life time.  Just thought I would let you know - ha.  I am all good. No worries.

We had some way cool miracles happen. During my little doctor visit Elder "D" and i went on exchanges so he could go to our lessons while i was with a member.  I was happy because this was his first time out by himself and he had to take charge. and things went great!  He is a way good missionary and kicks butt!.   This Friday we will meet with a part member family and we asked the husband (who is the non memver) if he would want to be taught and he said yes.  They are a young couple and they just got married this past September  so we are the first missionaries to meet with them.  Pressure. haha. But it should go very well. lets see what else. 

I have an AP coming with elder "D" and I so we are freaked out haha. but - oh well.  Oh - we meet this one guy named Andrew who is so awesome. He knows that there has been an apostasy and is waiting for the restoration of Christ's church.  Can you say holy cow!  He is very learned in the Bible, which is good because we get to learn some stuff from him but then show him how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together, and that Christ's church has been restored onto the earth. Over all pretty good week. we are having fun with the rain haha. 

Love it here. love you all
Elder Ben Woestman