Monday, November 12, 2012

Bible Bashing vs Bearing Testimony

This has been another fantastic week in "The Eugene".  Life is awesome.  We have had some pretty sweet miracles happen this week.  First one goes with a family, parents named TJ and Niki.  They are two less active members that the elders quorum president told us to go see.  So we went over a couple weeks ago and then were able to help them with a washer and a dryer instal.  Then they said that they would feed us in return.  So this past Wednesday we went over to their house for dinner.  While we were there we invited them to find someone for us to teach.  They refered us to one of their neighbors.  We went over to the neighbor's house and right when we said that TJ sent us the neighbor got a big smile on his face and was way nice.  Then later we found out that he went to TJ's house after we talk to him and now TJ is all pumped up and is in missionary mode!  So this will be good because we can help two families here.  Love it!!  Missionary work is so awesome.  Every time something awesome happens it just renergizes you and gets you pumped up to do more work. 

Like another cool thing that happen was that we went out finding and the first door we knocked on was this guy named Richard.  He let us in right away and then we were able to teach him the first half of the Restoration.  Cool miracle right there.  We have been praying that he can keep up the desire. 

Now there was something funny that happened after that visit:  The next house we knocked on was a guy named Todd.  For a pass time Todd likes to Bible bash' missionaries.  He pulled out a copy of the Book of Mormon from the 60's which he had marked up proving why it was wrong.  Right when he did that we went into 'game on' mode. Now,  we did not start yelling at each other, I don't like that so I don't do that.  But one thing that a person can not overcome is a testimony.  So Elder "D" did well in his first Bible bash situation because he went straight to his testimony which Todd could not argue with.  Then we asked him if he had ever prayed about the Book of Mormon,  He said no.  Then we invited him to read it and pray and ask God if it is true.  He didn't know what to say. Love it. The power of a testimony. 

Just heard that Nakai V. put his papers in or is working on them so that is way sweet.  Hope all is well. 
Love you all.
Elder Ben Woestman