Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Better late than never . . .

I only have like 5 minutes because the library was closed Monday, Tuesday, and today - so we found some 15 minute computers on the campus - so yeah, not to much time. This week was awesome.

We have 3 solid new investigators. We got a referral from our zone leaders for a man named Dominique. He is from Armenia and came to church this Sunday, telling people he is going to be baptized. How great is that.

Also we had a referral for a young couple and they are super awesome. They just got married so they could get baptized. They had gone down to Salt Lake City for a work meeting, went to Temple Square, felt the Spirit, and now want to be members. MIRACLES!! I love it here!

Something that has hit me hard these past few weeks is that it is hard to do all that we are supposed to, but when we do what we have to do the Lord will bless us. Some missionaries out here have no idea why they are here - they do this because they will get a car when they get home, or they can marry a certain girl when they get home, or . . . To them these two years are pointless in their minds right now. Which really kind of irks me. So Elder "C" and I have been working on being those missionaries that take it to the next level. Working our butts off with no regrets - talking to everyone. It keeps life interesting. haha

I love this stuff. The mission is the "BOMB".
Love you all, Elder Woestman