Monday, September 10, 2012

Well . . . Hello!!

What is up, my family? This week was another amazing week. It is crazy being a missionary. The other day Elder "C" and I were talking about how easy we have it - haha. We get free food every day - and a lot of it, and I have not had a bad dinner yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Also we have a pretty awesome Ward Mission Leader and Bishop that help us, and good members who will help us.

This week is transfer calls, so I might not be in Eugene for very much longer, or I could be here for another 6 weeks. I love it here so I hope that I stay. We have that bomb investigator Dominique. Yesterday at church he was talking to us about his baptism and how he is already taking work off and is going to have a party after the baptism . . . how awesome is that. We are going to party. . . . His wife is reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese so Sam, I will try to telepathically barrow your knowledge of Mandarin Chinese - lol. This family is way sweet. Dominique called his mom and she said; "why do you sound so nice?" He said: "Because I am Mormon now." She said;"If I would have known that being a Mormon would have made you nicer, I would have made you Mormon years ago!" haha Love it!!

Also this week we had a sweet miracle that happened - we felt prompted to see a lady in our ward directory. When we showed up at her door she said she had been trying to get a hold of us. She just moved in and she wants to get her kids into the church. She had been inactive and wants to be able to be temple worthy again. How cool is that!! I love this mission stuff. Just the coolest things are happening. Eugene is way fun because people are always down to talk and explore. A lot of the younger people are willing to listen.

I found out about family history indexing. The kids here love it. They do it all the time. It is easy and they are helping the church. You should bring this up in your own wards and have the youth get involved. Also the church has a cool website called "Helping in the vineyard" at There are lists of 5-10 minute service thing that you can do that the church needs help with. Gives people who have 10 minutes the ability to help the church with things on the computer.

Doranda is pregnant! Holy cow, that is awesome. Number 4 - looking back over the past that means that everyone else is due to have another one, right?. hahahahahahahaha

I love you guys,
Elder Woestman