Monday, April 30, 2012

Teaching the Gospel through Primary

So - like always, this was a crazy awesome week.  We did a lot of teaching, which is sweet.  The amazing miracle that happened this week was that we were able to set a baptismal date for May 19th with a lady named Candy.  Candy is a referral from the Spanish missionaries - and we went over there on Thursday to teach the Plan of Salvation since she has four kids.  It is amazing how the Spirit directs lessons if you have prepared yourself.  We planned on teaching the Plan of Salvation but instead we pretty much focused on how we can repent and be forgiven of our sins through the Atonement.  It was a way good lesson, and she said she would prepare herself for May 19th to be baptized.  The cool thing was that she brought all of her kids to church Sunday.  She was only able to make it for the last hour so she went to Primary with her kids - which was a blessing.  She was able to see the gospel in an easy format and understand the importance of teaching children.  Also - the whole focus of the Primary lessons in church this week was helping the kids get ready to sing for Mother's Day so she was able to see her kids sing about how much they love her with big smiles on their faces.  Way Awesome!  Children are pretty much the best teachers ever.

One of our other investigators, Dan H, is doing awesome.  We finished up the lessons this past week with him and tried to move his baptismal date up from May 26th to the 12th or 19th but he is pretty firm on the 26th of May.  His best friend died two years ago on that day, so when we had set that date with him it was like a confirmation that this was the right thing to do - so that was way sweet.

Also Gary is doing very well - we just have one more lesson to teach him about the ten commandments and following the prophet which are things we have already taught but we just need to go over again.  His date is still for the 26th because we are working with him to stop smoking - which is actually going very well.

We have been teaching Dan S for awhile and he has not been progressing so we were going to give him until May 5th to start back up with us - otherwise we would need to drop him.  But Dan is a great guy.  We have talked about dropping him before but when I would pray about it the Spirit would say, "Some missionaries said your dad was a hopeless case, but because others wanted him to be blessed they did not give up on him, don't give up on Dan."  So we haven't.  We took him to the church building a couple weeks ago and as he walked through the building his whole demeanor changed.  He loved it, he said it was the first time he has felt peace in a long time!  After our last lesson with him we told him to pray to Heavenly Father and ask for help and guidance about the church.  The APs are going to come down Friday to meet with Dan, maybe they can help him.

Last night we visited a less active family we have been working with.  The mother is a single mom with two young girls, ages 14 and 12.  We had one of the most special experiences happen:  The family has been pulling apart from each other and their family life at home has not been good.  As we shared with them the message of the Atonement, the family could just feel the love of the Savior.  The night ended with them saying they wanted to be sealed in the temple, that they want to aim for that, and that they would do what they need to accomplish that.  It was amazing.  The Spirit is so sweet it is crazy.  I can not wait to see this family go to the temple for the first time.

Also - cool thing - we get to skype home on Mother's Day.
Love you all,  Elder Woestman