Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Trainer

WOW - where do I begin? This week was crazy awesome. It started out like any other week. We had a great weekly planning session so this week was supposed to be filled with appointments, but on Tuesday and on Wednesday all of our plans fell through. Which was way stressful. But, then on Thursday we went to the Portland temple - so amazing. It was just so nice to go to the temple. Totally pumped me up. Then we had a great lesson with an investigator at which we had him say a closing kneeling prayer and man - was the Spirit strong. He started to cry at the end of it. This was a big turning point for this guy. The power of prayer is doubled if you can get them to kneel. Before I came out here, the mission had an apostle come talk to them and promised that our baptisms would double if we had our investigators kneel and pray at the end of the lessons. So we have been putting that to the test - and it has been working.

Friday morning was transfer calls and Elder "E" was transferred to Roseburg. So I am finishing up my training with an Elder "C". He came today and he is awesome. He reminds me so much of Spencer Stucki, so I am so excited. lol. He is awesome. But - anyways, on Friday we had a crazy awesome lesson with Cassandra. She is still on track to be baptized on the 14th so we are working hard to keep that up. She was able to watch General Conference at the Bishop's house with two of her kids - which she just loved. We actually had three investigators go to Conference this week, which was way awesome. We want to set a date with another investigator this week so we might have two with a date in a couple of days. Randy had his interview with the Zone leaders this weekend, and they do not know if he is "accountable", so we have to have him interviewed by one of the mission presidency. Randy has the mindset of a 10 year old, so I don't know if he does need to be baptized. We will see what happens there.

Then Conference - soooooo gooooood!!!!! I have never had a conference hit me so much as this one. Being a missionary definitely changes the way you look at things and what is important. I love it. Pretty much I loved Elder Eyring's talk in the first session which he talked about asking for challenges to test his faith. An amazing talk and a good idea. Pretty much this week was awesome like always. I miss my old companion, but I love my new one (he is so much like Spencer, I love it). The work is going on.

Love, Elder Woestman