Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Week in Paradise

This week was crazy awesome!  It started out on Monday with us setting at the ER for like 4 plus hours trying to get Elder C's leg figured out.  So that was way boring, but the nurses and doctors were way awesome.  Pretty much his leg is just messed up and he needs to just walk on it or something - I don't know.  So we took him off the cane and make him walk everywhere.  We stopped riding our bikes because it hurts his leg too much.  Which is good because we can talk to more people while we walk everywhere.  We are trying to talk to everyone we see.

This week we set three baptismal dates!!!!!which is crazy awesome.  So we might have 5 baptisms in May.  The sweet thing is that as we work hard the Lord blesses us and when companions can get along together, the work just goes by so fast - and there is so much more that we do.  My companion is awesome.

One awesome miracle this week was that we wanted to get as many members to our lessons as possible - which is when good planning comes in.  On Thursday we had 5 lessons with a member with us.  And - that is how we were able to get those baptismal dates.  When a member comes they bring a whole new spirit to the lesson which shows the investigators that things are not weird when you are a Mormon (lol).  I love it.  So we are trying to get every lesson with a member present.  We are also using our priests a lot.  When I was a priest, the missionaries never really asked me to go out with them.  And the same thing is here.  These guys want to come out with us, so we are going to be using them a lot.

The area out here is doing amazing. The important thing for me and my companion to remember is that it is the Spirit that is doing the work, NOT US.  If we get prideful then the work  goes away.

We also had a way cool zone conference training that happened this past week.  Elder Brinkerhoff of the Seventy came.  How AWESOME is that!  He is a way good guy and talked to us about how our countenance needs to be that of the Savior.  It was way good.  Being a missionary is a big deal if you think about it.  At all times you are a representative of the Savior, and the Lord is allowing you to be part of him and letting you work in his field.  He is trusting you with the souls of his children.  HOLY COW.  Kind of intense, but awesome.  I love it here and this is awesome.

Love you all and hope all is well,
Elder Woestman