Monday, April 16, 2012

Sun Shine in Albany

I officially started my second planner out here in the mission. Pretty cool I might have to say. This week was awesome. During P-day we had 3 lessons planned but only one actually occurred, but it was still way good. Then we went bowling. I was playing to have fun so on one of my turns I bowled between my legs and got a X which was way awesome. lolo. Tuesday was way good because I had a training thing down in Eugene with all the guys I went to the MTC with. It was way good to see them and how much they have all grown as missionaries in 7 weeks was crazy. I hope one day I can be companions with one of them some time out here. But - the stinky thing about Tuesday was I got a hemorrhoid, so I had to go to the store and get some "prep H". hahahaha

This week overall has been good. We set a date for May 26th with this guy named Gary to be baptized. He told us in the first lesson he knew he needed to get baptized. We would have set his date sooner but he has A LOT of stuff he has to stop doing. We did have a lesson with him on Saturday at church and after that he was able to stay for some youth baptisms which was so spiritual. It was a double whammy because not only was he able to feel the Spirit when he was in the chapel and we talked about the atonement, but he also got to see some one use the atonement. I have never really been in the chapel with just three other people before and take the time to talk about the gospel. It is pretty sweet and the Spirit is so strong that it is almost impossible to not feel it.

We also had a girl move in from another ward who was taking the discussions from another set of missionaries, so we inherited her. She moved in with her boyfriend so we might have a wedding in the near future, which would be way awesome. We went over to meet them and she still wants to get baptized and he wants to start taking the lessons - so that is amazing.

Oh - I almost forgot - Elder C and I were tracting on Wednesday and his leg just gave out. We did not think anything of it because we both thought he just tripped or something but then he could not put any weight on his left leg and like every 3 steps his leg would buckle. So we got him to a less active member's house who we have been working with who lived nearby and called another set of missionaries to come pick us up. The next day we went to where our bishop works - he is a sports medicine doctor, and he said that Elder C might have a disc or something out of place in his back, or maybe a pinched nerve, so he told us he had to get an MRI. But Elder C's insurance company was being dumb - so we are finally going to the hospital today to get it done. It sounds weird to me but I don't know, hospitals are weird, but it is kind of intense because he has to use a cane - so we will see what happens. If this guy goes home I will be really upset, we work really well together and get along so well. But . . . . everything else is going very well. I love it and time is flying. I cannot believe I have been gone for more than 2 months already - it's intense.
Love, Elder Woestman