Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Whats up my awesome family?  So this week was awesome.  A lot of amazing miracles are flowing.  We had another great youth activity.  An hour before mutual all the youth came and we had a big lesson - three nonmembers came, and afterwards we asked them if they wanted to take the missionary lessons and they all said yes!  They just need to talk to their parents.  Still blows my mind about the youth in this ward.  They are so willing and are sharing the gospel.      

Elder "L" is doing great too.  He is getting a lot better at talking to people on the street and being loving and bold.  This past week we were knocking on doors and this lady opens the door and she calls us over.  We talked to her about the Book of Mormon, gave her one and said a prayer with her on her porch.  We went by her house yesterday and she has read 26 chapters in the Book of Mormon already!!!  How sweet is that.  She loves it.  We have a lesson on Thursday with her, pray that it goes well.

I love you all.  Have and awesome week. 
Elder Woestman