Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6th 2014

What is up my wonderful family!!!  This week was awesome to say the least.  The Brookings Ward is on fire.  I love this place. Elder "L" and I have been busting it along with Elder "A" and "G".  

So the awesome miracles this week:  We have awesome members who hooked us up with some service on New Year's Day (see pix below).  We went and chopped a bunch of wood for a young couple who needed it with the priests in the ward. (some of my manly pics of chopping wood are on facebook haha) but the great thing was that we were able to give the husband a blessing and they said that we could come back. So on Friday Elder "L" went with our Zone Leader, Elder "K" ( my old comp) while we were on exchanges over to their house. Had a great lesson and they ended up coming to church!  It was awesome.  Elder "L" is turning out to be a great missionary.  He is working way hard and is so willing to learn. I figure it's because he is from Snowflake, and if you remember Elder "H" was from there too.  That place turns out good guys. 

Another awesome miracle that happened was that we went out to find a less active member, and we were walking and talked to this lady that lives right in front of him.  Elder "L" talked with her about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She loved it.and said we could come back.  The cool thing about this was that it was late at night and she was off to the side smoking, but we still ran over to talk to her and the blessings of "talking to everyone" came.  Every day it blows my mind how when you talk to everyone, like everyone, that blessings come.  Even if it seems awkward. Love it. Love this place! Love Elder "L".

Hope you all have a bomb week! 
Love Elder Woestman