Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday, December 30th 2013

It was nice to see all your faces on Christmas.  Thanks for being an awesome family!

So this past week was awesome.  We had some of the coolest miracles happen.  We were able to teach a mom and her daughter at a member's house - and was the Spirit there!  It was awesome.  The member family was so supportive of their friend, but also a lovingly bold.  We were able to give the mom a blessing with help from the member family dad.  Naturally the Spirit came even stronger. 

Also during church on Sunday the bishopric had a youth combined meeting and introduced the new theme for the youth. "Come unto Christ".  The videos were awesome and what they talked about to the youth was so good that one of the priest's girlfriends came up to us after wards and asked if she could take the lessons from us! 

Also we were at a lesson with one of the priest's friend's and the priest taught pretty much the whole restoration lesson and we didn't have to do anything!  It was awesome.  The youth in this ward blow my mind about how missionary minded they are.  The youth leaders here are awesome too because they are helping the youth stay focused and really help them understand the Spirit and how to grow. I love being here. This ward is awesome
Love you all, thanks for being awesome!
Elder Woestman