Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is a party, haha

This week was way cool. So many things to talk about. I had my first exchange as a district leader and I went to a place called Cottage Grove. The elder there that I was with was way awesome. He is a really good beat boxer. That day we prayed to be put into someone's path and we walked into a guy named Bill. We started talking to him and then we taught him about The Restoration. And then we asked him to be baptsized on the spot. He said yes! The power of the First Vision is amazing. He is on his way to getting baptized on September 8th.

The other cool thing was we had like 15 minutes that night before we needed to go to our apartment so we went on a "walk of faith" (I love these because the coolest stuff happens on them.) Well - we ran into a less active guy who wanted to meet with us again and then while we were talking to him these two 15 year old punk kids walked up to us and started making fun of us. The other elder said; "Do you know what I did before my mission? I was a professional beat boxer" - then he started beat boxing. Then I started rapping about missionary work. The kids' minds were blown. They had no idea what to say. It was way cool because we were able to change the way they thought of missionaries.

Also this week, we had Elder Neal Anderson come and speak to us. And we got IPADS. . . . . . . just kidding. That would have been way cool though. It will happen. But Elder Anderson was awesome, He is one funny guy. He made jokes for like 45 minutes - haha., but we also had Elder Rasband and the Presiding Bishop there - a power house group. This was my first time shaking hands with an apostle so I was pumped. We learned a lot about how important it is to stay clean for the Spirit. It is really amazing to me the power behind their voice. They speak so boldly and lovingly at the same time. That is something I am trying to implement into my teaching skills.

This place is awesome. The people here are way amazing. Elder "C" is amazing at following the Spirit. Life is good. Oh - and mom you will be happy because I bleached my whole apartment and made it way clean.

Love ya all, Elder Woestman