Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Baptism

So this week was way awesome. On Tuesday I had a training thing down in Eugene because I am a new missionary. I was able to meet all the guys I was with at the MTC - which was WAY AWESOME. The coolest thing that went down this week was Grady's baptism - so spiritual. That guy is amazing. We did most of the baptism service in French so he could understand it, but when he was actually baptised I just got so excited and the Spirit was way strong - it was amazing!! After the baptism, we all went to his house to have dinner with he and his wife - and you could tell he was just so happy. This is one man I will never forget. On Sunday I was able to stand in on his receiving the Holy Ghost. Just overall - it was awesome.

The guy named Randy we are teaching is going to be baptised in April, so we are pumped about that. He is just so excited about it it makes me laugh. We are also teaching a man named Jeff. This dude knows his stuff. He has a super strong faith in the Bible, but he is scared that the Book of Mormon will tear down that faith. So on Sunday when we meet with him we tried to show him it doesn't, and that if he would pray and ask God, that God would answer him just like He answered him about the Bible. Next week we are taking a member wtih us so we are pumped.

The members here feed us every night and we are talking to as many people as we can about the 4 step invite plan - and they love it. Oh - and next week I eat dinner with our bishop and his wife. She found the recipe for Skyline Chili so she is making that :) Oh, oh, Dad - this lady stopped us while we were finding and asked us if we knew how to start a car. I was on exchanges with two other elders and so of course - we being men - we said "yes" (lol). But when we got over to her car, the other elders didn't know what anything was. So I told her to turn the key - but nothing happened. I had a flash back of when the Saturn did not start a year ago when I was with KK, DJ, and McKell - so I told her to pop the hood. I punched the starter a few times and then the car started. SO AWESOME. So you teaching random car things has payed off.

Thanks mom for the ukulele. And I am staying dry (lol).

Love, Elder Woestman